Hands Investments LLC was founded by Mr. Reuben Onwugbonu, with the objective to manufacture and market a new line of products based on his patented invention. Our products are bath sponges designed for washing/exfoliating the human body. Bathing is mankind’s most important personal hygiene and daily regimen. The Kushi anti-cancer program suggests scrubbing the skin two times a day to enhance circulation at the skin level and to promote the excretory function of the skin.

Hands Investments’ primary mission is to transform our patent’s unique claims into new brands that represent quality in the bathing sponge industry. Armed with the claims in our patent, we have the advantage and luxury of being able to introduce new products by combining washcloths with a scrub material of our choice.

Hand Investments plans to launch at least three main product lines. Our principal product line is the Loofah Washcloth combo and it consists of the Loofah Washcloth Bath Sponge, Loofah Washcloth Back Scrub and Loofah Washcloth with Pouch models. The models also come in assorted colors. We intend to introduce other exfoliating materials-washcloth combination sponges in the near future. We also plan to create and market gift baskets made up of assortments of our favorite bath and shower products. Hand Investments is fully committed to the production of high quality bath sponges at a competitive price. We intend to back our products with an aggressive distribution and marketing campaign.

We develop and distribute our products in Irvington, New Jersey, while production is through our contract manufacturer in China.